Spring is just around the corner…


In winter we all tend to stay indoors in the warm and forget about the garden, but if you want to have a beautiful garden when summer comes there’s a lot of hard work to do now. Vegetation is at rest and it’s the ideal moment to condition the soil, lop trees, prune shrubs, replant and repot plants and cuttings before the first sap rises…

Condition the soil: mulch, add compost to recondition the soil.

Lop: cut the branches of your trees to improve their appearance, give them more room to grow and remove branches which are in the way, dangerous or overhang your neighbours’ property.

Prune: cut back perennial shrubs, lightly prune summer flowering shrubs, bushes and fruit trees.

Plant: last chance to plant trees, shrubs, fruit trees and rose bushes.

Replant and repot: once the frosts are over, deciduous shrubs and plants can be safely moved and replanted during the winter resting period before the sap rises.

For all these jobs, don’t hesitate to get advice and know-how from experienced gardeners, call Mademoiselle Julie to make life easier!